Hunting and fishing are pastimes enjoyed by 82 million Americans

There is an art to hunting and fishing, a tradition that often springs from the union between the need to provide food for the family and the love of nature. For some, this is a deeply rooted and cherished family custom. Others are newbies compared to them.

Regardless of where they come from or why they go out into the wild, dedicated hunters and fishermen are the guardians of the land, knowing full well that their role is inextricably linked to respecting and caring for the land.

hunting and fishing in america

The modern outdoor ethic on which so many organizations are founded goes back to the great conservationists who founded and shaped the Forest Service into its current form. In fact, Forest Service lands represent much more to athletes than just the recreational opportunities they offer—they are the legacy of some of America’s greatest historical athletes and conservationists.


Today, hunting and fishing play an important role in the conservation of nature, including lands administered by the Forest Service.

Between hunting and fishing licenses and self-imposed equipment taxes, hunters, anglers, and sport shooters pay for most fish and wildlife conservation programs themselves. Together, they contribute nearly $245 million a day to wildlife, wildlife agencies, and the economy.

Because of this commitment to their sport and conservation, entire species that are now widespread, such as the wild turkey and white-tailed deer, have been brought back from the brink of extinction.

Even now, hunting plays an important role in ecosystem management, preventing overpopulation that can lead to habitat destruction, the spread of wildlife diseases such as chronic wasting, and a threat to human security when animals spread into human settlements. Athletes and women continue to play a key role in wildlife and habitat conservation while supporting a sustainable outdoor sports economy.

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